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Stem cells and acupuncture speed up your recovery!

How does it work?

Acupuncture is an ideal complement to stem cell therapy. Acupuncture brings blood flow and nutrients to injured areas, amplifies the signals from injured areas, and helps to guide stem cells to these areas.


First, stem cells are administered by Dr. Jay Pennock into the affected joint or via IM shot. Next, your acupuncturist will perform a series of treatments that are designed for your particular needs. The stem cells will then migrate from the shot site to areas of inflammation, directed by the stimulation from the acupuncturist.


When the stem cells reach the site of the injury, they reduce pain and inflammation, rapidly reducing symptoms. Later, they promote soft tissue reconstruction. Growth factors from amniotic tissue promote cellular proliferation and new collagen formation.


These mesenchymal stem cells are young and robust, helping older tissue to regenerate.

Why stem cells and not steroids?


Steroids have been shown to cause osteoporosis: up to 8% loss of bone in four months

Low doses of steroids for one year can cause cataracts

Steroids elevate blood sugar

Steroids suppresses your ability to fight infection


Why stem cells and not surgery?


Non-invasive treatment

No risk of blood clots

No risk of post-operative stroke or death

Reduced healing and rehabilitation time

Far less expensive than surgery, which costs tens of thousands of dollars

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