Vitamin B12

Metabolism and Immunity Booster

Shots with MethylCobalamin - the most effective form of B12 $25

LipoStat Plus

Boosts Metabolism and Helps Burn Fat to Help with Weight Loss

Shots with methionine 25mg, inositol 50mg, B6 175mcg, hydroxy B12 1mg


Patient on Scale

Sourced from Olympia Compounding Pharmacy



Myers' Cocktail Wellness Boost

"Gold Standard" for Overall Wellness

Vitamins: C 64.4 mg, B1 & B3 1.62 mg, B2 3.23 mg, B5 4.07mg, B6 1.63mg, Hydroxy-B12  0.1mg, Calcium 4.03mg, Magnesium 9.65mg

(Per ml - Infusions contain 2.5-10ml)


Yoga at Home

Metabolic Boost

Boost Metabolism to Burn Fat and Energize

Vitamins: C 500mg, B1 & B3 100mg,

B2, B5 & B6 2mg

Glutamine 30mg, Arginine 100mg,

Ornithine 50mg, Lysine 50mg,

Citrulline 50mg, Carnitine 100mg

Magnesium 80mg, Zinc 1mg, Manganese 0.02 mg, 

Copper 0.2 mg, Selenium 8mcg

(per ml - Infusions contain 3-5ml)


Beach Run

Fountain Of Youth

Facilitate Recovery & Enhance Performance

Magnesium chloride 525mg

Calcium Gluconate  65mg

Thiamine HCL, B1  30mg

Riboflavin, B2  2.5mg

Pyridoxine HCL, B6  135mg

Niacinamide, B3 130mg

Dex Panthenol B5  330mg

Cyanocabalamin B12 1.5mg

Ascorbic Acid, Vit C  15gm

Glutathione 2gm


Water Fountain

Inner Beauty & Skin Boost

Fight Acne, Wrinkles and Tired Skin from The Inside Out

Biotin 1mg Add-On


Smooth Shiny Skin

NAD+ IV Infusion

Natural "Bio-Hack" to Repair Damage and Increase Metabolism

NAD+ 250mg over 2 hours


Glutathione Push

Anti-Oxidant Fights Free-Radicals in our Body

Add to any IV Therapy


Outdoors Acroyoga Session

Olympia's IV Nutrient Infusions are used to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. We offer several pre-formulated customized solutions to address a variety of issues, including:


  • Optimizing Immunity for Flu Season and COVID-19

  • Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery

  • Anti-Aging; Skin, Hair and Nail Support

  • Metabolism Boosting for Weight-Loss and Energy

  • Chronic Fatigue & Brain Fog Treatment