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Laser & RF Treatments for Discoloration, Texture, Wrinkles and Hair Removal

All treatments are performed by California State Licensed Registered Nurses or a Physician using Elos Plus Laser Platform by Candela at our comfortable Santa Cruz medi-spa location.


Trinity Treatment


The Trinity Package combines the anti-wrinkling effects of the Sublime, the discoloration erasing of the SLA wand and the skin resurfacing of the Sublative wand to create rejuvenating effects you will love!


Pay per treatment: $1,100

Sublative RF Treatment


The Sublative RF technology uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production to minimize wrinkles, resurface the skin for acne scars and create and even texture to the skin


Pay per treatment: $700

Package of 3:  $1,800

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Fotofacial and SRA Treatment


FotoFacial IPL with SRA technology uses combination of light and heat energy to treat superficial benign pigmented and vascular skin lesions

Pay per treatment: $500

Package of 3:  $1,200


Sublime Treatment


The Sublime applicator uses RF energy and IR light to stimulate collagen formation to reduce wrinkles


Pay per treatment:  $500

Package of 3:  $1,300

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