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Where are you now?

Are you worried about your future?


Maybe you or someone you know has arthritis or even diabetes, some heart disease, or cancer.


Are you preparing for major surgery or a major life-change? Or are you just curious about your current state of health, your strength and flexibility or your true “age”?


We are given just one body for this life. It is our "Vessel" and you are its Captain. Over the course of our journey we can suffer damage from accidents or neglect. It’s easy to get lost or off course as you sail through the seas of life. 


As a Medical Doctor, I can work in collaboration with your primary care physician and any specialists to create a comprehensive picture of your vessel’s condition.


Rejuvenate Medi-spa and Wellness provides a comfortable and relaxing environment where you can immerse yourself for a head to toe, stem to stern evaluation of your current state of health.

Don’t we all want to be strong and healthy?


So that we can watch our family grow and enter retirement vibrant and youthful? We have all seen the elderly couple, walking hand in hand, spry and sharp and wonder how they did it.


You may think that you are stuck on a course to illness based on family history (“it’s in my genes”) or prior habits and circumstances.


Some of us don’t really know that it is possible to reverse damage that has been done or avoid those dangers and chart a new course towards true health.


Maybe you have tried before and failed, or the previous difficult "patches" have made you feel worse.


It takes courage to change, and course corrections can be fraught with challenges. You need to recruit strong advocates to help you make difficult choices. The best guides can reveal the courage within you and help you through rough waters of life.


Dr. Jay can help you chart a course away from sickness and disease and towards safer harbors of better health and longer life.


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Where do you want to go?

How do you get there?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone willing and able to partner with you in your quest?


Let Dr. Jay's extensive clinical experience and personalized care help you discover for yourself that sustainable life changes are possible, and experience the self-healing powers of your own ‘Vessel’.


We can start repairs, working with specialists in western and alternative medicine. We will identify obstacles in our way and gather resources and tools needed for a safe passage.


Your guide will map out the safest and most evidence-based channels for you to navigate, reducing your disease risks and plotting a course to safer harbors that are healthier and happier.


Rejuvenate Medi-spa and Wellness will serve as a beacon of light to eliminate the darkness of fear and doubt along the way so that you can achieve you goals for health and wellness!


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