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This non-surgical fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target diet- and exercise-resistant fat. We perform CoolSculpting in our beautiful downtown Santa Cruz spa location!​

Hair Restoration


What people are saying


"Went to see Stacy AND hands down the best at lip fillers and augmenting my cheeks. Definitely will be going back to get more work done. Thanks Stacy!!"

-Danielle A.

Love this place!! Shannon is the best! She’s so down to earth and is very knowledgeable! She always has great suggestions for my skin and she’s very flexible with scheduling! I’m happy with my visit every time :)

-Allison F

"I had been considering Botox and lip fillers for quite some time, but was feeling very nervous and apprehensive about it. I did not want my lip fillers to be shockingly overdone. I was referred by a friend to go see Stacy Mognoni. Stacy made me feel at ease, she answered all of my questions and concerns. She was extremely gentle and talked me through the whole procedure showing me the progress of plumping my lips up and ridding me of my deep furrow wrinkles. I couldn't be happier with the results. I've been to Stacy twice and plan on using her in the future to keep me looking youthful and NATURAL!"

-Julia B.

I’m happy that I found Shannon! She is so welcoming and so down to earth I can’t imagine trusting my face to anybody else! She is skilled in what she does and she always lets you know what is possible and doesn’t go overboard and I really love that about her. I can’t say enough good things about her she has really helped me in with my self-esteem and I just appreciate her so much.

-Diane P

"I love Stacy! I have had several treatments from her including derma fillers in my face and lips as well as several sessions of Botox and honestly I couldn't be happier with the results. Stacy knows what she's doing and is an absolute perfectionist! She's is not only professional and competent but friendly and kind and really knows how to put you at ease. Make note that she is located at the Rejuvenate Medi-Spa on Gault Street. I'm so pleased to be building a relationship with someone who will help me put my best face forward!! Thank you Stacy."

-Jean E.

I did micro needling with Shannon and it worked really well! She was very good at the procedure and was so kind throughout. She was very flexible about scheduling. It was an overall positive experience.

-Emilie S

"I had my first Botox experience with Stacy. She was so wonderful and professional, I felt no pain! I will definitely be going back."

-Nora D.

“I'm so happy with the results of the CoolSculpting from Navigator Medical! Dr. Jay and Jennifer are both great and so knowledgeable and passionate about the services they provide. I've struggled for years of dieting and exercise to [reduce] that excess bulge on my belly that I gained in my late 20s and in one hour session and a few weeks of patience it's [reduced significantly]! I am looking forward to also utilizing the Navigator Medical services Dr. Pennock provides to get me on a path to health. Never have I met a Doctor with such desire to provide his patients with the tools to truly live a healthy lifestyle long term.”*

-Allison B.

"Stacy is my new favorite when it comes to non-surgical anti-aging. She is personable, professional, and very good at administering injectables. She always honors my wishes exactly. She is very honest, charging only by the unit and telling you exactly what she things is appropriate while still fulfilling your expectation. I always feel comfortable knowing that I won't get under or over treated. I'm so very glad to have found Stacy!"

-Jenni S.

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