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Women's Health

Hormone Balancing with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) 

Nutritional guidance, HCG Weight Loss

Adrenal and thyroid analysis and support

Men's Health

Testosterone Replacement


Exercise and Nutrition Guidance


Supplement Guidance for Optimal Health

Alzheimer's Disease

Certified ReCode Provider

Uses Bredesen Protocol

Evaluation of Risks

Prevention Strategies

Weight Management

Nutrition Counseling

HCG Weight Loss

Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness Shots

Heal Orthopedic Injuries

Reduce Inflammation

Aesthetic Applications


"In this day and age of faster everything, the last thing you want is a fast doctor! Dr. Pennock takes the time to listen, have true compassion and caring for your total health and well being. Starting in on his program is the best proactive thing I've ever done to get, and keep, a healthier, happier life."


Randy F.

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