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Daily choices add up to help avoid Alzheimer's and other Dementias

The Institute of Functional Medicine has just released a fascinating article summarizing recent studies that support Dr Jay's approach to lifestyle choices. A Lancet report has calculated that more than a third of dementia cases could be preventable, many through lifestyle change. A recently published longitudinal study assessed lifestyle factors to determine their contributions to cognitive function later in life. The authors conclude that there might be a cumulative effect of small incremental improvements across a wide range of lifestyle factors, suggesting a “multivariate recipe for cognitive ageing”. A 2017 meta-review also supports this multi-pronged approach for normal cognitive decline treatment.

None of the interventions that were tested were dramatic or painful, yet some of my clients struggle to make the changes needed. This article gives hope that even a few better choices throughout the day, week and month add up to decrease the risk of early cognitive decline.

Contact your Dr Jay to discuss what your risks are and how to make simple, easy changes and keep your physical and mental health!

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